39 Summary

This module provides a brief overview of the test evaluation process, using tests of creative problem solving as a context. Some key questions are discussed, including questions about test purpose, study design, reliability, validity, scoring, and test use.

39.1 Exercises

  1. Suppose you are asked to provide measurement advice to a university committee tasked with evaluating a new test of English as a foreign language for use in student admissions. Summarize the advice you would give in this scenario, based on the considerations presented in this module.
  2. Why is it important to consider first the purpose of a test when evaluating it for use in your own work or research?
  3. Conduct a literature review on the TTCT summarizing the main themes that have been addressed in previous studies.
  4. Search the MMY reviews for a test on a topic that interests you. Use the information in the reviews for a given test to evaluate the test for its intended purpose.