37 Summary

This module provides an overview of how different types of tests are designed to inform a variety of decisions in education and psychology. For the most part, tests are designed merely to inform decision making processes, and test authors are often careful to clarify that no decision should be made based solely on test scores. Online data bases provide access to descriptive summaries and peer reviews of tests.

37.1 Exercises

  1. Is it appropriate for colleges and graduate programs to have minimum cutoffs when reviewing standardized test scores in the admissions process? How would you recommend that scores from admissions tests be incorporated into admissions decisions?
  2. Describe the challenges involved in using a single test for multiple purposes, such as to measure both achievement and aptitude, or both status and growth, or both formative and summative information.
  3. Would you describe admissions tests like the SAT and GRE as aptitude or achievement tests? Explain your reasoning.
  4. Conduct an online search for information on one of the tests referenced in these notes. Look for details on the publication date, authors, and accessibility of the test. From the available information, summarize the test using the terms presented in this module.