How to use these notes

This document is broken down into multiple chapters. Use the table of contents on the left side of the screen to navigate, and use the hamburger icon (horizontal bars) at the top of the document to open or close the table of contents. At the top of the document, you’ll see additional icons which you can click to search the document, change the size, font or color scheme of the page. The document will be updated (unpredictably) throughout the semester.

Every module corresponds to a weeks worth of material. Most modules are dedicated to improving a specific skill or at the very least dedicated to a specific theme. Within each module, there are embedded videos, slides, activities, labs, and tutorials. The skills developed in each module build upon skills you’ve developed in previous modules.

Although these notes share some of the features of a textbook, they are neither comprehensive nor completely original. The main purpose is to give you all a set of common materials on which to draw during the course. In class, we will sometimes do things outside the notes. The idea here is that you will read the materials and try to learn from them, just as you will attend classes and try to learn from them.